About Us

We are a locally owned boutique in Tallahassee, Florida. We offer trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories for Women and Tweens! We are just a family of girls spreading our love of fashion and trends to others! 
Thank you for supporting us! 
Maegan takes care of all of our behind the scenes work! She is the hair stylist, makeup artist, photographer, and social media director for Silver Lining! She is a licensed Cosmetologist but her first love is fashion! She takes pride in making all of our customers feel beautiful in their Silver Lining threads!
You have probably seen Haley's face all over our website because she makes the perfect model! She is in school to be a Nurse and loves shopping! She is part of our buying team and works hard to make Silver Lining a success! 
You will see Kasey's beautiful smile in our store a couple of days out of the week! She goes to FSU and is majoring in Retail Merchandising! She loves styling our customers in the store and making them feel beautiful in our clothing! 
Brand Ambassador 
Grace is our Brand Ambassador and model for Silver Lining! She loves all things fashion and social media! You will see her gorgeous face all over  our website and social media pages!